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Martin Mellish

Martin Mellish

Non-Employee Director

Martin Mellish has served as founding director of Aspen Advisory Services Ltd., since 1994. Aspen is a London-based private office overseeing investments in North America, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Mellish serves as a non-executive director of Nucana Ltd (NASD: NCNA; member, Audit Committee) a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on improved chemotherapy agents, and Levitronix Technologies Inc. (Chair, Audit Committee) a technology company handling high-purity fluids for the semiconductor and life science industries, among other non-executive directorships. He is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston.

He holds an M.Sc. from the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program at Dartmouth; an SM (Management) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.Sc. (Accounting) from Northeastern University.

Independent Director